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Original Airdate 04-16-06

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Former series regulars, including Marlee Matlin, Mary-Louise Parker, Tim Matheson, Anna Deavere Smith and Gary Cole, make guest appearances as Bartlet, Santos and their staff members attend a funeral for one of their own. Also, Josh cautions Santos about getting involved in the vote for Speaker of the House.
From NBC:
Bartlet (Martin Sheen) and his current staff as well as those from the past, come together for Leo's funeral. Santos (Jimmy Smits) is faced with the loss of his running mate.


Stockard Channing as Abbey (Abigail Ann) Bartlet M.D. First Lady
Kristin Chenoweth as Annabeth Schott Santos / McGarry Campaign Staffer
Dulé Hill as Charlie (Charles) Young Deputy Special Assistant to the Chief of Staff
Allison Janney as C.J. (Claudia Jean) Cregg Chief of Staff
Joshua Malina as Will (William) Bailey Communications Director
Janel Moloney as Donna (Donnatella) Moss Santos Transition Staffer
Richard Schiff as Toby (Tobias Zachary) Ziegler Former Communications Director
Bradley Whitford as Josh (Joshua) Lyman Santos' Chief of Staff
Jimmy Smits as
Matthew Vincente Santos President-Elect
Martin Sheen as
Jed (Josiah Edward) Bartlet President of the United States
Special Guest Stars    
Mary-Louise Parker as Amy (Amelia) Gardner Political Operative
Timothy Busfield as Danny (Daniel) Concannon Washington Post Reporter
Gary Cole as Robert "Bingo Bob" Russell Vice President
Emily Procter as Ainsley Hayes Former Associate White House Counsel
Lily Tomlin as
Debbie (Deborah) Fiderer President's Secretary
Guest Starring    
Chris Ellis as Congressman Tim Fields Speaker Candidate
John Aylward as Barry Goodwin Former DNC Chairman
John Getz as Congressman Mark Sellner Speaker Candidate
NiCole Robinson as Margaret Hooper Assistant to Chief of Staff
Renée Estevez as Nancy Aide
Ken Lerner as Congressman Jim Marino Speaker Candidate
Ramón De Ocampo as Otto Santos Transition Staffer
Karis Campbell as Ronna (Beckman) Santos' Aide
Special Appearance By    
Annabeth Gish as Elizabeth "Liz" Bartlet Westin Bartlets' eldest daughter
Tim Matheson as John Hoynes Former Vice President
Marlee Matlin as Joey (Josephine) Lucas Pollster
Elisabeth Moss as Zoey Patricia Bartlet Bartlets' youngest daughter
Teri Polo as Helen Santos Matt Santos' Wife
Nina Siemaszko as Ellie (Eleanor Emily) Bartlet Bartlets' middle daughter
Allison Smith as Mallory O'Brian Teacher / Leo McGarry's daughter
Anna Deavere Smith as Dr. Nancy McNally National Security Advisor
Kathleen York as Rep. Andy (Andrea) Wyatt Congresswoman
Melissa Fitzgerald as Carol Fitzpatrick (last name)
Assistant to the Press Secretary
Mitchell Edmonds as Bishop Campbell  
Pete Postiglione as Secret Service Agent  

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Emmy Awards

Submitted for consideration after Outstanding Drama Series Nomination

Media Quotes

"We have to work around (Busfield's) schedule because he's very involved (as a producer-director) with "Without a Trace.' We're trying to follow through on it. We talked about it long and hard over the summer." - John Wells

"'West Wing' deals with its final days"
by Alan Pergament
January 25, 2006
Buffalo News

Seven of the base's elite took part in the filming of a primetime network drama Feb. 9 at a local church.

The Los Angeles Air Force Base Honor Guard supported a request from NBC's "The West Wing" for an Air Force presence in a television episode featuring the funeral of the series' White House chief of staff.

"As honor guard members and Air Force ambassadors, we jumped at this innovative opportunity to represent our service to the greater American public," said 1st Lt. Gordon Kordyak, the honor guard officer in charge.

"We train very hard and take our responsibilities extremely seriously," said Staff Sgt. Corazon Pol of the 61st Medical Squadron. "A chance like this lets us showcase what we've learned and show the world what the Air Force is all about -- honor and discipline."

The day's production came on the heels of the real life death Dec. 16 of the actor, John Spencer, who played the character.

"John's character was previously established as an Air Force veteran, and after his unfortunate death, we asked ourselves how could we integrate this into the show," said Michael Hissrich, the show's producer. "We wanted to incorporate the Air Force into his (funeral) service.

"We were all very close friends of John's," he said. "It's going to be tough. The scene is full of strong imagery."

These thoughts prompted a late call to the Air Force Public Affairs Entertainment Liaison Office in Los Angeles. This triggered a whirlwind of coordination through the public affairs offices of the Space and Missile Systems Center, the Secretary of the Air Force and the Secretary of Defense.

"Extras, they can look good but having the real thing is the best," Mr. Hissrich said. "The Air Force honor guard has helped us out a bunch and the Armed Forces have been great. This couldn't have gone better."

As part of the funeral procession, the honor guard interacted with actors Martin Sheen, Jimmy Smits and Bradley Whitford. Also, the producer said they went back and asked significant players of the series throughout the years, such as Stockard Channing, to be part of "Leo's Funeral."

"Base Honor Guard Goes Hollywood"
by Lori Dockendorf
February 14, 2006
Air Force News

If you saw the presidential motorcade driving down North Charles Street on Friday, you were right -- well, sort of.

WBAL-TV 11 News reporter Melissa Carlson reported the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen held a mock funeral for the television show.

"Today, the scene is about the funeral of the chief of staff, Leo, John Spencer, who died in real life," said Hanna Byron, of the Baltimore City Film Office.


Carlson said the shoot looked like the real thing, replete with the Secret Service and the police presence.

"(Baltimore is) playing for Washington, D.C. They shot the interior of the funeral in Los Angeles, but they're shooting the exteriors here in Baltimore. So, we're really happy that they're doing that here," Byron said.

Actor Rick Cane, a Maryland native, has worked on "The West Wing" for the last five seasons. He said it's great to see his town on TV.

"It's always great to be able to work on these shows and see how it is edited together and see how seamless it is," Cane said. "I've worked on a lot of productions where they pieced it together, a little in D.C., a little in Baltimore," he said.

"'West Wing' Shoots In Baltimore"
March 3, 2006

"It was such an emotional experience just to be there and to not have (the late) John Spencer around was utterly heartbreaking," she says as some CSI crew guy wires her up with a hidden mic. "It was so touching (and) such a wonderful thing for me to go back and say goodbye to the actors and the crew and the environment and The White House."

But there was another reason Procter couldn't wait to get back on The West Wing set. "Long ago I got into trouble for doing handstands in the Oval Office," she recalls, giggling. "And I went back and did one last handstand. It felt great." - Emily Procter

"Former 'West Wing' star opens up"
by Kevin D. Thompson
April 26, 2006
Palm Beach Post

John Spencer's death last December had to be tough, both on and off the set.

It was devastating. Brad [Whitford] called to tell me, and we were all in shock. John certainly had his health problems and we figured, at the least, he'd be in the hospital awhile. But it was so unexpected, you don't know where to put it in your mind. He is irreplaceable and was such an essential part of the group for seven years [playing Leo McGarry, chief of staff and vice presidential candidate]. Doing the shows about Leo's death, that was reliving the grief over and over. - Allison Janney

"Allison Janney, the Anti-C.J."
by Kathy Blumenstock
May 14, 2006
Washington Post

Dirty little secret: Personally, [Bradley] Whitford wanted his character to end up with Amy Gardner (Mary-Louise Parker) rather than Donna Moss (Janel Moloney).

May 14, 2006
Washington Post

I think Allison Janney must have the messiest kitchen because she's probably never home and constantly working! She probably runs in, makes her meal, and runs out. No offense, Allison! As for the most organized kitchen, I bet it belongs to Janel Maloney. She's just perfect in every way and always looks so put-together that I probably think her kitchen is, too. - Marlee Matlin

"Busy Marlee Matlin juggles acting, family"
by Steven J. Austin
May 25, 2006
Detroit News

People were always like, "You stole Josh from Donna!" [Laughs] The only person who doesn't feel that way, actually, is Brad[ley Whitford], who is like, "I should have ended up with you." But I loved doing that part. It was supposed to be just one episode, but it turned into more. - Mary-Louise Parker

" Weeds' Mary-Louise Parker Makes a Killer Bride"
by Matt Webb Mitovich
March 2, 2007
TV Guide Online

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