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Welcome to Wherever You Are

Original Airdate 03-26-06

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Rocker Jon Bon Jovi appears as himself and campaigns for an exhausted Santos, who's showing signs of strain during a frantic flurry of campaigning on Halloween. Meanwhile, Toby faces an indictment just days before the election.
From NBC:
The Attorney General pressures Toby (Richard Schiff) to reveal his source on the shuttle leak. Meanwhile, Santos (Jimmy Smits) is on a dizzying tour of the country.


Kristin Chenoweth as Annabeth Schott Santos / McGarry Campaign Staffer
Janel Moloney as Donna (Donnatella) Moss Santos / McGarry Campaign Staffer
Richard Schiff as Toby (Tobias Zachary) Ziegler Former Communications Director
Bradley Whitford as Josh (Joshua) Lyman Santos Campaign Manager
Jimmy Smits as
Matthew Vincente Santos Democratic Candidate for President
Special Guest Stars    
Janeane Garofalo as Louise "Lou" Thornton Santos / McGarry Director of Communications
Jon Bon Jovi as Himself  
Teri Polo as Helen Santos Matt Santos' Wife
Guest Starring    
Kathleen York as Rep. Andy (Andrea) Wyatt Congresswoman
John Aylward as Barry Goodwin Former DNC Chairman
Lee Garlington as Alana Waterman Toby's Lawyer
Matthew Letscher as Peter Blake US Attorney for D.C.
Ramón De Ocampo as Otto Santos / McGarry Campaign Staffer
David Ramsey as Teddy Wallace Santos / McGarry Campaign Staffer
Joshua Cabrera as Peter Santos Santos' Son
Ashlyn Sanchez as Miranda Santos Santos' Daugther
Francesa Ferrara as Local Reporter #1  
Daphna Cardinale as Reporter #2  
Eric Christie as Reporter #3  
Ivan Allen as Anchor Roger Salier
Loren Lester as Jarin  
Dylan Naber as Huck Toby's Son
Alexis Cardenas as Molly Toby's Daughter
Kylie Cardenas as Molly Toby's Daughter
Glenda Morgan Brown as Woman  

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Media Quotes

West Wing writers had been laying the groundwork for a red-hot romance involving Chenoweth's character, Annabeth Schott, and Spencer's Leo McGarry. Just last week, Chenoweth was still shooting scenes alluding to a developing romance.

"They had me all happy, singing," Chenoweth said. "It was very awkward. I think the writers are frantically planning something appropriate to honor him, but we don't know what."

"Chenoweth was, and still is, Leo's kind of girl"
by William Keck
January 12, 2006
USA Today

Jon Bon Jovi, whose acting credits include Moonlight And Valentino and the TV series Ally McBeal, won't have much of a stretch for his latest role on The West Wing.

"I'm actually playing me," Bon Jovi says. "Much like the Gore campaign and the Kerry campaign where I was very involved, they brought me in here to play me and draw a big crowd to the rallies and get involved with the (Democratic presidential candidate Matt) Santos character (played by Jimmy Smits). They came to me. Several of the people in the writing staff were former Gore and Kerry supporters or speechwriters."


Bon Jovi acknowledged the recent death of actor John Spencer, who played Santos running mate Leo McGarry, had sidelined the series' major plotline

"They're in a tizzy for sure," he said, but refused to answer how the show might be dealing with Spencer's passing.

"Oh, I don't know. Today is my first day. I can't comment on or answer that."

Bon Jovi was spending this past week shooting his West Wing episode before resuming the Have A Nice Day tour.

"I love acting, my life is just booked solid, it was just to keep my feet wet," he explains. "An opportunity like this arises on what happens to be one of my few favourite TV shows, (so) I said, 'Okay, a week. No big deal.' It just couldn't have been better, timing-wise."

"Vets Bon Jovi still having fun"
by Jane Stevenson
January 15, 2006
Toronto Sun

NBC tells us Atrios [Duncan B. Black] is "not much of a people person." Ahh, the skewed public perception of "bloggers."

[For the TVwithoutpity crowd, this is a liberal blog where most everyone has an idea of what Atrios looks like, just in case you were wondering, here's what Atrios actually looks like right around the time he stopped being an anonymous blogger. When I first met him--and a bunch of other bloggers--I was pleasantly surprised at how "normal" we all are in real life.]

" I know Atrios and let me tell you..."
by Sir Oolius
March 26, 2006
She Flies With Her Own Wings

Did you catch the shout-out to frozen custard last night? Santos (Jimmy Smits) was campaigning here and suggested to his wife that they go out on the town and “sample some of that fresh frozen custard.” (I suspect “fresh” a slip of the tongue that they left in.) “Toasted ravioli” would have been funnier, but whatever.

"St. Louis on “The West Wing”"
by Gail Pennington
March 26, 2006
St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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