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The Red Mass

Original Airdate 10-09-02 Rerun 04-16-03

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Liberal third-party candidate Howard Stackhouse (George Coe) is becoming a thorn in Bartlet's side---and Amy Gardner (Mary-Louise Parker) is consulting for him. Elsewhere, the Ritchie camp wants as few debates as possible; Leo meets with the Israeli Foreign Minister (Malachi Throne) about the Shareef matter; a government siege of a house occupied by domestic terrorists is compromised by a sick child in the house; and Josh makes Donna bone up on a self-help guru who has advised Gov. Ritchie.
From NBC:
The President (Martin Sheen) ponders the fallout of greenlighting a strike force to overtake a barricaded gang of homegrown terrorists in Idaho -- who include a young non-combatant in need of medical attention -- while his staff tries to negotiate with Bartlet's Republican rival for more, rather than fewer debates. Josh (Bradley Whitford) accuses his girlfriend Amy (Mary-Louise Parker) of stealing potential votes from Bartlet as a result of her efforts on behalf of a third-party candidate (George Coe). Leo (John Spencer) quietly meets with a high-ranking Israeli official (Malachi Throne) to discuss mutual strategy in the wake of the Qumari assassination investigation.
From Warner Bros.:
Bartlet ponders the potential consequences of ordering a strike force to overtake a barricaded gang of domestic terrorists in Iowa, one of whom is a noncombatant requiring medical attention. Meanwhile, Bartlet's staff tries to negotiate with his Republican rival, Governor Robert Ritchie (James Brolin), for more debates. Josh accuses his girlfriend, Amy (Mary-Louise Parker), of possibly drawing votes away from Bartlet by helping a third-party candidate, Senator Howard Stackhouse (George Coe). And Leo discreetly meets with a high-ranking Israeli official, Ben Yosef (Malachi Throne) to discuss mutual strategy regarding the Qumari assassination investigation.


Rob Lowe as Sam (Samuel Norman) Seaborn Deputy Communications Director
Dulé Hill as Charlie (Charles) Young Personal Aide to the President
Allison Janney as C.J. (Claudia Jean) Cregg Press Secretary
Janel Moloney as Donna (Donnatella) Moss Assistant to Deputy Chief of Staff
Richard Schiff as Toby (Tobias Zachary) Ziegler Communications Director
John Spencer as Leo Thomas McGarry Chief of Staff
Bradley Whitford as Josh (Joshua) Lyman Deputy Chief of Staff
Martin Sheen as
Jed (Josiah Edward) Bartlet President of the United States
Special Guest Star
Mary-Louise Parker as
Amy (Amelia) Gardner Stackhouse Staffer
Guest Starring    
Clark Gregg as Special Agent Michael Casper "Mike" / FBI
George Coe as Senator Howard Stackhouse  
Malachi Throne as Ben Yosef Israeli official
Deborah May as Janet  
Robin Bartlett as Susan Thomas Stackhouse Staffer
Andrew McFarlane as Anthony Marcus Simon's Little Brother
John Cothran, Jr. as Civilian Advisor  
NiCole Robinson as Margaret Hooper (last name) /
Assistant to Chief of Staff
Larry Brandenburg as Senator Michael Jackson Stackhouse meeting
Kim Webster as Ginger Assistant to Communications' Director
Hilary Salvatore as Emily  
Kris Murphy as Katie Witt (last name) / Reporter
Becky Meister as Sally Reporter
Ralph Meyering Jr. as Civilian Tom
Richard Green as Jerry Oval Office meeting
Lynn Tufeld as Grace Oval Office meeting
Joe Marinelli as Morris Oval Office meeting
Brandon Noll as Staffer  
Joe Cosgrove as Cardinal  
Noel Conlon as Weaver Secretary Jason (first name) /
Stackhouse meeting
Helen Duffy as White Senator / Stackhouse meeting

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Emmy Awards

Submitted for consideration after Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series Nomination by
John Spencer

Media Quotes

"You're going to see opposition on the show, and you're going to see them making strong, compelling arguments. In our parallel West Wing universe, which is two years off from the actual universe, Bartlet's going to need to start running for re-election. And he's facing all kinds of opposition -- including, by the way, opposition to his left." - Aaron Sorkin

"New opponents to besiege 'West Wing'"
by Eric Deggans
February 6, 2001
St. Petersburg Times

He [Aaron Sorkin] also hopes to put Bartlet on a train for the first six episodes of that fourth season, taking the show on the road for a series of whistle-stops "all over the country."

"Sorkin's drug subplot ending"
by Ed Bark
July 22, 2001
Dallas Morning News

On that topic, the CFL is getting a lot of exposure on US television these days, and not just on the network carrying weekly games. A while ago, the game was featured on the hit TV show, The West Wing.

"It was one of the episodes called the Red Mass," explained Shawn Lackie, Vice-President of Communications. "It's a clip that has the President, (played by Martin Sheen) sitting in his office talking about the upcoming campaign, and they kept using football analogies. They keep talking about this guy keeps throwing screen passes and he shouldn't. All the time he's talking, you can see a game in the background, and all of a sudden, boom, you can clearly see a shot of a Calgary Stampeders helmet.

How did CFL game action end up on The West Wing? "There are a lot of people interested in the CFL, because buying NFL footage can sometimes be prohibitive," said Lackie.

"Around the CFL - Flutie honored"
by Ted Michaels
October 28, 2002

"I think some of that was the election [story line], some of these were not our best episodes, some of it was that we got hit with 'The Bachelor' and people started to leave, given an excuse," [Thomas] Schlamme said.

"Shedding light on murky look of 'West Wing'"
by Phil Rosenthal
January 15, 2003
Chicago Sun-Times

"There were some decisions made about the election that didn't have much dramatic punch," says [John] Wells. "You knew Bartlet was coming back. And that story line coincided with a wave of successful reality-TV programming."

"The West Wing"
by Allison Hope Weiner
September 12, 2003
Entertainment Weekly

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