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The Fall's Gonna Kill You

Original Airdate 05-02-01 Rerun 08-22-01

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White House counsel Oliver Babish (Oliver Platt) menacingly questions C.J. and Abbey (Stockard Channing) about the President's MS cover-up. And Josh enlists Joey Lucas (Marlee Matlin) to take a hush-hush poll on it. Meanwhile, new estimates project a smaller-than-expected budget surplus---and that cheers staffers; and a Chinese satellite has fallen out of its orbit and is hurtling to earth at 2000 mph, and no one's concerned but Donna (Janel Moloney).
From NBC:
While White House counsel Babish (Oliver Platt) methodically grills staff members on their prior knowledge of the President's (Martin Sheen) multiple sclerosis condition, Josh (Bradley Whitford) secretly commissions pollster Joey Lucas (Marlee Matlin) to conduct a hypothetical survey of public opinion before making the announcement. Meanwhile, Sam (Rob Lowe) is happy to learn of a lowered surplus estimate that will reinforce the administration's case for a revised tax cut; Josh seeks more funds to support the overwhelmed Justice Department in its prosecution of tobacco companies; Donna (Janel Moloney) seems to be the only one concerned about the blazing earthfall of a failing Chinese satellite.


Rob Lowe as Sam (Samuel Norman) Seaborn Deputy Communications Director
Dulé Hill as Charlie (Charles) Young Personal Aide to the President
Allison Janney as C.J. (Claudia Jean) Cregg Press Secretary
Janel Moloney as Donna (Donnatella) Moss Assistant to Deputy Chief of Staff
Richard Schiff as Toby (Tobias Zachary) Ziegler Communications Director
John Spencer as Leo Thomas McGarry Chief of Staff
Bradley Whitford as Josh (Joshua) Lyman Deputy Chief of Staff
Martin Sheen as
Jed (Josiah Edward) Bartlet President of the United States
Special Guest Stars    
Stockard Channing as Abbey (Abigail Ann) Bartlet M.D. First Lady
Oliver Platt as Oliver Babish White House Counsel
Marlee Matlin as
Joey (Josephine) Lucas Pollster
Guest Starring    
Lee Wilkof as Martin Connelly Assistant Attorney General
NiCole Robinson as Margaret Hooper (last name) /
Assistant to Chief of Staff
Rosalind Chao as Jane Gentry  
Spencer Garrett as Richard Will  
Guest Starring    
Douglas Roberts as Congressional Aide #1 Henry
Lucia Vincent as Congressional Aide #3 Helen
William Duffy as Larry Congressional Liaison
Peter James Smith as Ed Congressional Liaison
Debbie Ann Thomas as Speechwriter  
Barry Livingston as Speechwriter #2  
Emiko Parise as Abbey's Aide #1 Carrie
Julie A. Koehnen as Abbey's Aide #2  
Ariel Felix as Bobby  
Shannon Nelson as Staffer #2  
Jon Wolfe Nelson as Dale Bracket Sign Language Interpreter
Katie Rimmer as Waitress  
Lenore Foster as Staffer  

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Media Quotes

CARLSON: At least. OK, time for our "Spins Of The Day." Mine comes from a recent issue of "Newsweek," where it's reported that the Congressional Progressive Caucus, attempting to get more play, more attention for its $300 every-American tax rebate, that Bernie Sanders talked on this program, approached the producers of the "West Wing," Congresswoman Barbara Lee of California approached the executive producer and said, "Hey, I have an idea. Why don't you mention us and our idea on the show?" Well, it turns out an upcoming episode will mention the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

This strikes me not as a political argument, but as propaganda.

PRESS: I think it just strikes me as good salesman ship.

CARLSON: Of course not. When I sit down to watch "The West Wing" -- not that I do -- I expect to be entertained, not to have subliminal messages about taxes.

PRESS: All I'm saying is she got it mentioned on national television. Good for her.

"Ralph Nader Discusses the Bush Administration's Environmental Record"
April 5, 2001
CNN The Spin Room Transcript

How to get attention for your languishing tax-cut plan? Try slipping it into a "West Wing" episode. That's what the Congressional Progressive Caucus did when its American People's Dividend proposal, a $300 rebate for all working Americans, failed to gain traction in the House and Senate - or in the media. At a strategy dinner about a month ago, California Rep. Barbara Lee suggested that the hit show's executive producer, Lawrence O'Donnell, a former staff director of the Senate Finance Committee, might find the plan interesting. Lee called O'Donnell, and what do you know: in an upcoming scene the progressives get a nod, says a "West Wing" spokeswoman.

"Just Winging It"
by Unknown
April 9, 2001

Laura Glasser coming to me with, ... "Man made objects fall out of the sky at a rate of one per week, do you think there's anything you can do with that?" - Aaron "Benjamin" Sorkin

Posted at Forum
by Aaron "Benjamin" Sorkin
July 22, 2001

"I never have a lot of medical terminology. They learned that about the first or second year of 'West Wing.' I'm hopeless at it. They just let me go with other stuff. On take 10, they said, 'This is the end of this. This is clearly not her forte.' I don't see how they do it on 'ER.'" - Stockard Channing

"Channing Returns for More 'Practice'"
by Kate O'Hare
March 22, 2006

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